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...can you help me?


I'm a huge fan of your icons, and I've been a member of this community and have not ever asked for you to make me an icon with your incredible icon-making genius...

Do you think you could make me an's kind of a pro-gay marriage thing, but not really. 

I want a black screen with pretty script saying "Love is blind.  It knows not..."

Then I want these pictures to come after (order is not relevant; crop pictures as needed!)

AGE (flash the word on the picture after it's shown a little)

RACE (same as the other...maybe different font)

RELIGION (you can put religion or faith says interfaith, so I don't know if you'll want to remove that or not.)

SEX (you might want to put an OR before this one, since it's the last one of the group)

(middle couple)

And then finally, at the end, have this picture with "Learn to love...(at top) just to love (at bottom)"

 <--Me and my bf! XD

I hope that wasn't too confusing, and it works out...You rock!  Thank you so so so so much!



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