☆Amber☆ (drtyluvpurelust) wrote in meemos_icons,

Hey Jesy

Ok so I hear you're good at making these icon things and I was wondering if when you get free time can you make me some icons to make the layout my friend is working on for me...?? These are the pictures I want...

I want it to say Romeo & Juliet with a flashing heart on it... if you can, can you make it black and white as well and have the heart flash pink and white and the text stuff is up to you...
I want this to say "Parting is such sweet sorrow." or "a pair of Star-Cross'd lovers".... whatever you see fit... Again with a heart on it and then the rest is up to you...

Yeah, if this stuff is too much or too complicated or you even just don't wanna do it *giggle* I'll understand...
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